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Online Shopping Hacks: Save Money with These Thrifty Tactics

This has been a tough year, but the good news is Christmas is still on! With people getting into the festive spirit, many retailers have followed suit and are preparing for the anticipated holiday sales. But considering that COVID-19 is still out there, shopping can be a bit challenging during this period.

Pandemic or not, gift-giving remains a holiday tradition. However, everyone should continue to stay at home since pubic exposure can still put one at risk of contracting the virus. Fortunately, we live in a digital age, and anyone can shop for presents remotely.

The graphic below will discuss several smart online shopping tips to help you make the most out of your holiday shopping spree!

12 Smart Ways to Shop for Holiday Gifts Online Infographic

12 Smart Ways to Shop for Holiday Gifts Online

  1. Set aside a detailed holiday budget – Setting a clear budget should be the first step to smart holiday shopping. You need to limit your expenses so you won’t end up walking a financial tightrope after all is said and done. At the same time, following a budget will also prevent you from impulse shopping and other unnecessary purchases.

  2. Make a list of loved ones you’ll be giving gifts to – As much as you’d want to play Santa, you’d also like to stick to your budget. Once you determine how much you can spend, it’s time to take note of your recipients. Do you plan to send gifts to acquaintances, or will you only shop for close friends? Having a naughty and nice list will help you allocate your budget appropriately.

  3. Decide where to do your holiday shopping online – Time is of the essence during holiday shopping. Considering that stores are running limited-time discounts or running out of stocks fast, you need to be quick to take advantage of deals.

    Instead of wandering the web aimlessly in the hopes of finding a good offer, you should be strategic in making your purchases. Creating a list of your favorite shops and platforms will help you save a ton of time and effort.

  4. Maximize your rewards credit card – Many shoppers tend to use multiple cards when buying presents. While this may prevent them from reaching their monthly credit limit, this practice also prevents them from maximizing their rewards. While it may depend on a case-by-case basis, it’s a relatively good choice to pay for everything with a single credit card.

  5. Always compare prices – It may get a bit tedious but always make it a point to compare prices. One online shop may be selling the product you want for half the price, so take the time to look at different vendors. To make things easier for you, the RewardsMart feature in the Robinsons Rewards app is powered by iPrice, which can help you find the best deals online.

  6. Don’t check out right away – Don’t rush to the check-out just yet! Some retailers tend to provide coupons for visitors who leave their shopping carts on hold. This marketing strategy allows them to capture the interest of visitors who are thinking twice about buying. With this in mind, try leaving your cart for a day or two to see if you can score a discount.

  7. Buy presents as early or later – As a rule of thumb, Christmas shopping is best done before December. Being an early bird will have its fair share of rewards, such as taking your pick from fresh stocks. In case you’re unable to shop for presents early, though, waiting for post-holiday sales will be the best course of action.

  8. Purchase in bulk – If you’re planning to send small gifts to colleagues and other acquaintances, consider buying in bulk. Whether it’s a candle or a mug, there are retailers out there who will be happy to give you a buy one, take one promo, or a bulk discount. In case you end up buying more than what you need, you can keep the extra present for a different occasion.

  9. Take note of delivery fees – As you browse through sites, take note of their delivery charges. These fees may not seem big but will slowly drain your budget when summed up. Buying items through a single platform or choosing sites with free delivery will save you a ton of cash.

  10. Use a mobile rewards app – Loyalty apps are known to be generous during the holidays. Claiming your cashback rewards and rebates will entitle you to various benefits while giving you flexibility when shopping.

    If you’re on the lookout for the best customer loyalty programs to join, Robinsons Rewards is a great place to start. Joining will provide you with many exciting offers from brands such as Aerophone, BeautyMnl, Toys R Us, and more.

  11. Subscribe to the newsletters – Got a favorite clothing or appliance brand? Go ahead and sign up for their newsletter! Navigating through hundreds of messages may be unappealing, but it’s a different case during the holidays. Amidst all the promotions, many retailers also send out freebies and discounts via email.

  12. Apply for a small loan – In case you need extra funds, don’t hesitate to apply for a small loan. Given that holiday sales are time-sensitive, you’ll be glad to know that there are credit apps that can give you a quick fix to your cash needs. This way, you’ll be able to shop for presents even if payday is still days or weeks away. Just make sure you stay within budget and settle your debt.

There’s No Stopping Christmas

It’s no secret that holiday shopping can be a bit tricky. Considering all the sales and festivities that happen during this time, it’s easy to feel lost in the middle of all the noise. But now that you have these tips in mind, it’ll be much easier for you to stay frugal while making your loved ones happy.

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