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Smart Shopping: How to Maximize the Benefits of a Loyalty Card/Program

Earning someone’s loyalty is always a challenge. This rings true even for your favorite brands. Having enticing products, top-of-the-line services, or innovative marketing campaigns are a few of the ways they catch your attention, but one other factor that makes customers like you stay with them is an attractive rewards program.

If you’re a frequent shopper, getting a loyalty card from your favorite brand is one of the best things you can do as it entitles you to different perks such as discounts, giveaways, and more. If you’ve recently applied for one, you must now know how to maximize the freebies that come with your program.

Unfortunately, many shoppers who apply for rewards programs aren’t able to maximize their benefits. As a frugal shopper, know that not making the most out of your rewards card is almost like giving away free cash. To help you elevate your shopping experience, the guide below will discuss the different kinds of loyalty programs and six simple ways to maximize it.

 Shopping: How to Maximize the Benefits of a Loyalty Card/Program Infographic

Smart Shopping: How to Maximize the Benefits of a Loyalty Card/Program

As a frequent shopper, there is no doubt that you like the idea of getting rewarded. Brands are aware of this, so they develop loyalty programs to ensure your loyalty is with them while attracting new clients. If you tend to stick to your favorite brands every time you shop, you should apply for a rewards card as soon as possible.

There are different kinds of loyalty programs out there, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the options. To make sure that you’re applying for the right one, let’s discuss each type in detail.

  • Points Program

    Spend more, earn points. Generally considered as one of the most popular among all the programs, this type rewards you with points for each transaction you make.

    The points you’ve accrued over time can eventually be used to redeem prizes, access special deals, or earn credit for future purchases. Points are usually managed using a loyalty card, but many businesses have gone digital by developing a mobile app.

  • Spend Program

    A spend-based program tallies the total amount of money you’ve spent with a brand. Once you’ve reached a specific sum within a time frame, you are entitled to a variety of rewards.

  • Tiered Program

    Similar to points, tier programs reward you for spending. However, this system centers on customer loyalty and ranks you by tier through the number of transactions you’ve made. The more you engage with a brand, the higher your tier is.

    In turn, the tier you’re in will determine which rewards you are entitled to. For example, a member of the elite flyer tier can access the airport lounge while lower-tier members cannot.

  • Paid - VIP Member Program

    A VIP program is an exclusive club that rewards its members with specialized benefits. VIP cardholders are given access to premium perks such as free tickets or choice seats in concerts. To qualify, brands may require customers to reach a specific amount during a purchase. However, many businesses are quick to offer VIP membership in exchange for a fee.

  • Charity or Mission-Driven Program

    Charity rewards systems are built to support advocacies. To live up to their corporate social responsibility, brands create a charity program and donate a sum of their earnings with each transaction their members make. If a particular business supports a charity you’re passionate about, apply for their mission-driven program.

  • Partner Program

    Brands form a coalition with others, giving you a wider selection of products, as well as variety when earning rewards. By creating a centralized rewards card or mobile application, you can enjoy discounts, freebies, and more with different retailers.

  • Gamified Program

    This loyalty system gamifies or injects elements of game-playing into the shopping experience. You are presented with a series of fun activities where your achievements or progress are eventually exchanged for rewards. Some of the most commonly used are “Scratch & Win” or “Collect & Win” programs.

  • Community Program

    Community programs are implemented to boost customer engagement. If you’re part of a community, you will be given member-exclusive offers. At the same time, you gain access to a community where you can interact with like-minded individuals.

  • Subscription Program

    Subscription programs are convenient and cost-efficient. Applying for one will give you instant access to new or exclusive products at discounted prices. If you are a big fan of a particular clothing brand, taking part in their subscription program will allow you to purchase and enjoy the latest collection ahead of its release.

  • Hybrid Program

    Hybrid programs are essentially the combination of two or more programs that makes one centralized system. A common example would be tier programs combined with points or gaming programs.

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Rewards Program

  1. Align rewards with your interests

    Don’t apply for a rewards program just for the sake of it. Not maximizing loyalty card benefits will only drain up your savings, especially if you’re applying for VIP. With this in mind, it’s essential to reassess your goals. Do you want cashback benefits, or do you want discounts? After considering these factors, only apply for the cards that you are most likely to use.

  2. Compare rewards with others

    Don’t act on impulse when looking at loyalty rewards. Some programs may entice you with their upfront benefits, but the perks you get may eventually regress over time. Once a card captures your attention, read the fine print. After comparing it with others, it will be easier for you to choose the right card or program.

  3. Consider the scope (partner brands)

    If you’re applying for a partner program, take note of all the brands associated with the coalition card. You may have a favorite included in the program but unfamiliar with the others. Always consider the scope of your loyalty program before pushing through with an application. since having the option to redeem rewards from more partner merchants makes your chosen program more rewarding!

  4. Don’t ignore cashback rewards

    Always remember that cash is king. It may not be evident at first, but cashback benefits can go a long way, especially when you’re shopping for groceries or refueling at a gas station. Not only will maximizing your cashback rewards help you stay frugal, but it will also make you save on cash whenever you shop.

  5. Let go of less rewarding cards

    When managing your rewards cards, always remember that quality beats quantity. You may have a ton of cards at your disposal, but it won’t matter if you cannot maximize their value. Instead of rotating different cards, it's best to choose the most rewarding ones and put them to good use.

  6. Take note of expiration dates

    Unfortunately, some loyalty programs that offer points have expiration dates. If you don’t redeem them within a specified period, your rewards will go down the drain. Always be vigilant when incurring points so you don’t miss out on the incredible benefits.

Be a Smart Shopper!

A loyalty card is a shopper’s best friend! Having one will save you a ton of cash and reward you with exciting benefits. With this guide at your disposal, it should be a lot easier for you to apply for the right ones and make the most out of them.

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